Jewellery Care Instructions

Jewellery has emotional and financial value, especially gold and diamond pieces of jewelry are so precious to us and need good maintenance so that jewelry will shine adequately. You can maintain jewelry for a lifetime with good care; simple and easy jewellery care instructions will help live your jewelry for a long year.

When you are looking for jewellery care instruction you need to keep in mind it depends on what type of jewelry and materials you have. Some jewelry builds with soft stones, the harsh jewelry cleaning solution can damage them be careful when you clean your jewelry at home during scrubbing to avoid scratching you can follow the steps. When you buy any type of jewelry always read the jewellery care instructions Will help you to understand your material.

Jewellery Care Instructions

So here are all types of Jewellery care instructions you can follow to maintain your jewelry.

Jewellery Care Tips

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1. Clean your jewelry regularly

Jewellery Care Instructions

When you are looking for good care for your jewelry The most important step to care for your jewelry is cleaning, regularly clean your jewelry whenever you see discoloration and tarnished jewelry. Needs some extra time for proper cleaning and care there have three types of jewellery cleaning methods

  • Homemade jewellery cleaning solution 
  • Market cleaning solution (Read the instructions before use)
  • Professional jewelry cleaner

All are best but if you looking for regular cleaning you can go with a homemade jewellery cleaning solution which is the best and chemical-free solution your jewelry will clean without any damage. before cleaning you need to follow a few steps.

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  • Identify the materials of jewelry you have you can take help from a professional jeweler you should follow which cleaning method and solution suits your jewelry type.
  • Avoid harsh soap and solution for jewelry cleaning they can damage your jewelry and metals, don’t mix jewelry with each other can scratch your jewelry, and clean your jewelry separately one by one.
  • Scrubbing your jewelry is an important step that can help you to remove any dirt and germs but always do it with a soft brush not recommended for pearls and soft stones.
  • don’t sock your jewelry in the solution for a long hour it can damage your jewelry 10 to 15 minutes is enough. Read the jewelry instruction before using any product.

2. Store your jewelry correctly

Jewellery Care InstructionsIf you are a jewelry lover like me you always get upset about how to store your jewelry correctly. How many times we organize our jewelry but again mixed all this jewelry in one place, also storing your jewelry properly will help you to find your jewelry easily.

  • Make sure properly dry your jewelry with a soft cleaning cloth before storing it, moisture can damage your jewelry be careful with stones and diamonds.
  • Tarnish is the thing that always happens in jewelry here are the best solution Always Use anti-tarnish strips it will help you to maintain the jewelry’s shine for a long time.
  • A Jewellery storage box is the perfect solution to store your jewelry professionally, make sure to keep all types of jewelry separately To prevent scratching. The Jewellery box will help to organize your jewelry collection and easily you can find your jewelry anytime.

3. Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals

Jewellery Care InstructionsNo matter which type of jewelry material you have always try to avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals it can damage any stones and jewelry can responsible for the discoloration of your jewelry.

  • Make sure when you do skincare or makeup remove your rings and necklace skincare creams and makeup product are chemicals, and not suitable for your jewelry, gemstones, and diamonds. After applying it to your skin take time to observe then you can wear any type of jewelry.
  • when you use any makeup setting spray or hair spray and perfume or any spray kindly remove your jewelry because those chemicals and moisture are not good for your jewelry.
  •  Remove your jewelry when doing household work like floor cleaning, washing clothes, and any kitchen work that time we use harsh chemicals those cleaning solutions are really bad for any type of jewelry you have.

  4. Take off your jewelry before exercising

Jewellery Care InstructionsAvoid damaging your jewelry during exercise and yoga it can scratch your skin. sweat and exposure to moisture can damage your jewelry. During exercise removes your jewelry and store it in a soft dry cloth pouch. After exercise cleans your hand then you can wear your jewelry.

  • First, identify your jewelry type it will help you to maintain your jewelry so that you can follow the steps. if you do regular Exercise and gym remove your jewelry first and store it carefully.
  • Diamond, gemstones, and pearl jewelry needs more attention.
  • Make a habit remove your jewelry before performing any physical activities this habit can save your jewelry from damage.

5. Before showering remove your jewelry

Jewellery Care InstructionsThis is also a very important part generally recommended by our jeweler for all types of jewelry, Before a shower remove your jewelry. water and soap combination can damage your jewelry, and cause discoloration to need to follow a few steps to avoid damaging your favorite jewelry.

  • when you go for a shower Remove your jewelry in your room safely and store it dry place. Make sure before head wash to remove your diamond pearl jewelry and other stones. remove them carefully shampoo and any haircare product can damage your jewelry.
  • Don’t place your jewelry in the sink and edge of the bathtub or any other place in the washroom to avoid losing your jewelry. always store in the jewelry storage box all types of jewelry separately.
  • During scrubbing your body and other skincare and body care routines make sure to remove the jewelry, chemicals can damage your jewelry.

6. Have your jewelry inspected regularly

Jewellery Care InstructionsWe are jewelry lovers we have all types of jewelry collections which we love so much but all types of stones and jewelry need special care and maintenance. From time to time inspect your jewelry in a long run your jewelry can be tarnished and caused by discoloration, to avoid any permanent damage need to follow important steps.

  • Visit a trustable or good rating jewelry shop and jeweler in your nearby location that can help you to care your all type of jewelry. Need to give special treatment to your expensive jewelry like gold, diamond, gemstone, and pearls.
  • Regular cleaning of your jewelry can save your jewelry from tarnishing and it can increase its value more.
  • Inspect your all jewelry once a year it’s important if possible store all types of jewelry separately.

Take Care of Your Precious Jewelry

Jewellery is an expensive accessorize, all these Jewellery Care Instructions tips will help you to care for your jewelry in a safe way and in good condition without any damage. Do follow these easy steps to maintain your jewelry’s value and beauty for years to come.

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